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IT services

With more then fifteen years daily work experience in Linux and Open Source Solutions we provide you a profound knowledge of running your IT systems. First we’ll analyse your requirements. Based on this we show you possible solutions and will implement these with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

All configurations can be done with IPv4 and IPv6.

Our portfolio:

  • Linux server running Debian GNU Linux, Ubuntu or CentOS

    • Installation and basic configuration
    • Troubleshooting and optimization
    • Configuration management
    • Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Apache Webserver

    • Installation under Linux, MS Windows und Mac OSX
    • Configuration depending on your needs
    • Securing, Troubleshooting and optimization
    • Interaction with Tomcat/jBoss
  • DNS Server Bind and DNSSEC

    • Bind Installation and Configuration
    • Configuring DNSSEC-Zones using OpenDNSSEC
    • Configuring TLSA-records
    • Troubleshooting and optimization
  • Monitoring using Nagios/Icinga

    • Monitoring of your Websites and Services from outside
    • Troubleshooting and optimization
    • Plugin Costumizing and Programming based on your special needs
    • Nagios/Icinga Installation and Configuration in your infrastructure

All our services and contracts can be based on time or projects.

Please contact: